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Identifying sustainable finance for protected areas

In collaboration with UNDP, Natural Strategies helps fund biodiversity and protected area management in Cambodia.

With almost 40% of its territory under terrestrial protected area coverage and additional marine protected areas along its coast, Cambodia has one of the strongest commitments to nature conservation. Despite these efforts, Cambodia experiences severe environmental degradation, threatening the country's rich and remarkable flora and fauna.

To close financial gaps in protected area management, Natural Strategies examines existing revenue sources and supports the Ministry of Environment in reviewing economic valuation studies on specific ecosystems. In consideration of Cambodia’s distinct political, economical and environmental characteristics, Natural Strategies then identifies key ecosystems in the country and designs concrete financing opportunities to protect these ecosystems and their biodiversity.

By developing a sustainable finance plan for biodiversity and protected area management in Cambodia, Natural Strategies is determined to provide actionable guidance to propel conservation efforts and achieve true improvements of Cambodia’s PA financing.

Thematic areas

Biodiversity finance, Protected areas


Climate action

Life on land

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