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Are you an international organization, NGO, landowner or community association trying to conserve or restore biodiversity and tropical forests? We mobilize finance for your high impact nature-based projects.

To do so, we guide you all the way from first feasibility to implementation. Our project origination experts have developed projects for more than 15 years and in more than 30 countries. 

We can provide the technical expertise needed to navigate every step of your project cycle: Starting by evaluating sources of innovative finance your project, to project design and validation, we manage the process needed to implement and validate your project.

In addition, thanks to our global networks with companies and investors, we can mobilize up-front project development finance from public and private sources. And once the biodiversity and climate benefits have been verified, we can assist you in identifying long-term partners to provide a sustainable flow of funding. 

All of which allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best: Delivering impacts on the ground for planet and people.

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