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MAVA Foundation

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Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco


Financing Nature-based Solutions in the Mediterranean

Natural Strategies identifies capitalization options for Nature-based Solutions in Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco for the MAVA Foundation.

For the last three decades, the MAVA Foundation has been working to conserve and strengthen biodiversity in the Mediterranean region. The Foundation collaborates with green entrepreneurs and changemakers to scale up Nature-based Solutions, circular economy approaches and the strengthening of natural capital in the pan-Mediterranean region.

Natural Strategies helps capitalize these solutions. On behalf of MAVA’s partners RAC-SCP, we develop a step-by-step guidance document to identify individual financing options for NbS. We do so in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to try and build circular economies in the COVID-19 recovery. As a final step, we then identify how to turn these elements into individual, bankable nature-based investment plans.

We thereby seek to enable MAVA partners to access public and private funding to conserve nature and biodiversity across the Mediterranean.

Thematic areas

Nature-based solutions, Circular economy


Responsible consumption & production

Life below water

Life on land

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