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Enabling green finance

Natural Strategies analyzes the enabling environment for green finance in Spain to contribute to the < 2-degree target of the Paris Agreement.

Green finance has been gaining increased attention across the world. However, in many countries there still is a substantial gap in aligning the target of the Paris Agreement with actual financial market policies that can accelerate the transition to sustainability.

In response to this, the Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance and WWF developed the 3fP-Tracker, a project aiming to assess countries' public policies to foster green finance. Natural Strategies helps implement the 3fP-Tracker in the Spanish context. In particular, we analyze the enabling environment for green finance, including public policy support, incentives structures and sustainable investment vehicles.

The results of the project will help inform the national pathway towards a low-carbon transition of the financial markets.

Thematic areas

Green finance


Affordable & clean energy

Climate action

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