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Developing corporate guidance for benefit sharing

Natural Strategies works with a private sector client to create benefit sharing guidance to be used by nature-based corporate actors that channel investment towards ecosystems and communities.

The intent of this innovative venture is to ensure that monetary and non-monetary benefits derived from natural assets are allocated equitably amongst local stakeholders, in particular vulnerable groups living in an around the natural areas to be conserved or restored.  To this end, Natural Strategies has set-out to:  

  • Explain in practicable terms key concepts rated to equitable benefit sharing, including transparency, inclusion, participation, representation, accountability and fairness. 

  • Develop stepwise guidance and tools on how to design and implement a Benefit Sharing Mechanism in accordance with these tenants.

  • Provide case studies ranging from REDD+ to Payment for Ecosystem Services, ecotourism, and other nature-based economic initiatives to demonstrate best practices to implement, in line with leading global sustainability standards. 

Thematic areas

Benefit sharing, Biodiversity finance


Reduced inequalities

Life on land

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