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Papa New Guinea


Creating biodiversity finance plan

Natural Strategies develops a country-wide finance and investment plan for biodiversity and protected areas in Papua New Guinea.

In support of UNDP, Natural Strategies identifies sources of conventional and innovative finance to generate revenues for the sustainable management of the country's biodiversity.

The GEF-funded project seeks to extend the Government of PNG’s ability to fulfilll its protected area mandate and implement the Protected Area Policy by securing stable and long-term financial resources for the management of protected areas across the country. ​ To do so, Natural Strategies conducts a detailed assessment of viable revenue-generating options for protected areas, including impact investments, green bonds, biodiversity and carbon offsets, debt for nature swaps and ring-fenced tax benefits for private sector investments in natural assets. Complemented through best-practice multi-criteria analysis and Cost-Benefit-Analysis, we then build a country-wide finance and investment plan around the prioritized investment options. ​ We thereby aim to generate sustainable returns on investing in the establishment and management of PNG protected areas in order to help reduce the human impact on the environment while contributing to greater biodiversity conservation of critical land and marine areas. ​ Access the finance & investment plan here!

Thematic areas

Biodiversity finance, Protected areas


Zero hunger

Climate action

Life on land

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