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EU REDD Facility

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Building Public-private partnerships for forests

Natural Strategies supports the EU REDD Facility on a public-private partnership to reduce deforestation.

The partnerships seek to enable investments in sustainable commodity production in developing countries. Agricultural commodity production is currently the largest driver of forest loss in developing countries. In response to this, the EU REDD Facility seeks to strengthen public-private partnerships (PPPs) for sustainable land use at jurisdictional level with major forest risk commodities buyers and trade partners. ​ To do so, Natural Strategies helps the EU REDD Facility develop a PPP strategy. Among others, Natural Strategies analyzes the barriers to sustainable commodity production, assesses opportunities for PPPs to strengthen land use governance and identifies incentives to mobilize sustainable private sector investments. Based on this, we develop scenarios for the EU REDD Facility's role and added value; we articulate options for interventions in various countries; and we propose modalities of collaboration with the public, private and finance sectors that can significantly reduce the pressure on natural forests. ​ We thereby help define the Facility’s strategic approach for holistic and sustainable partnerships that benefit forests and farmers alike.

Thematic areas

REDD+, Conservation finance


Zero hunger

Climate action

Life on land

Partnerships for the goals

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