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Africa & Latin America


Building a fund for biodiversity

Natural Strategies' Fund team establishes the Nature For Climate Fund, a new investment fund that aims to mobilize private sector finance for sustainable land use.

Natural Strategies Fund team designs the fund’s financial structure, identifies investment opportunities in Latin America and Europe and presents them to international investors and companies in industrialized countries. The objective is to conserve ecosystems, biodiversity and endangered wildlife in forest landscapes while generating financial returns on investment.

The assets that eligible projects generate include high quality and third party certified agricultural, agroforestry and forest products and innovative environmental assets such as carbon credits and Payments for Ecosystem Services. By doing so, Natural Strategies aims to redirect capital and resources from current practices to more sustainable alternatives.

To optimise and de-risk investments in these assets, the fund aims to blend commercial capital from private sector investors with development capital from public or philanthropic sources. Combining the individual attributes of each asset and project with innovative and blended finance models generates a powerful and sustainable solution for nature conservation.

Thematic areas

Ecosystem & biodiversity


Zero hunger

Climate action

Life on land

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