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Guiding corporate climate action

Natural Strategies supports leading media & events company to identify emission sources, set climate targets and become more climate-friendly.

An increasing number of private sector companies globally are keen to demonstrate their climate change commitment by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and financing climate action. In this context, Natural Strategies guided a leading German media and events company on its path to measure, reduce and offset its carbon footprint.

To do so, we worked with the company to delineate its overall objectives, scope and roadmap to become climate friendly; helped identify its mayor sources of greenhouse gas emissions in its daily operations, including from office management, travel, procurement, logistics and events, in line with best practice standards and protocols; defined key elements of a corporate climate change strategy; provided input on a strong narrative for company-internal and external communication; and guided on how and where to offset remaining emissions through high-quality and independently verified offset projects.

Natural Strategies thereby guided the client on its journey towards climate friendliness, helping turn climate commitment into climate action.

Thematic areas

Carbon emissions, Net-zero, Circular economy


Affordable & clean energy

Responsible consumption & production

Climate action

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