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Private Sector Impact Investor

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Accelerating private sector carbon investments

Natural Strategies supports a leading private sector impact investor in accessing high quality carbon credits from nature-based solution projects and in assessing the sustainability of other green investments globally.

Sustainable private sector finance is growing. However, to ensure measurable and lasting benefits, investments should comply with best-practice Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, processes and safeguards.

Natural Strategies strengthens the capacity of a leading private sector impact investor on latest trends and opportunities in sustainable finance, on mitigating environmental and social risks and on applying sustainability standards in practice. Based on this, Natural Strategies helps the client in accessing high quality carbon credits from nature-based solutions projects. In addition, to build an initial pipeline of green investment opportunities, we assess individual investment leads in terms of environmental sustainability (including biodiversity & ecosystem benefits and climate change mitigation) and social sustainability (including level of stakeholder engagement, transparency and equitable decision making). We also develop processes and tools that help the client monitor the impacts of carbon investments over time and maximize the client's learning with each transaction.

By strengthening the overall sustainability of the portfolio, we help structure revenue-generating high-impact investments that will improve land and marine conservation & biodiversity, foster socio-economic development and contribute to gender equity.

Thematic areas

Sustainable finance, SDGs, Investment, Net-zero, Carbon emissions


Gender equality

Reduced inequalities

Life below water

Life on land

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