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Turn your biodiversity goals into biodiversity leadership. We guide you on your path to identify nature-related impacts, set targets and implement action.

Identify risks and impacts

  • We identify your business risks stemming from biodiversity degradation; impacts on biodiversity along your supply chains; and opportunities of nature-positive practices

  • Through our What-If-Scenario Tool, we help you simulate and compare costs and benefits of different options for greening your operations, to prioritize key areas of biodiversity engagement

  • We work with you to identify synergies between your climate and biodiversity action. We estimate the GHG emission reductions potential through your nature-positive practices.

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Developing corporate guidance for benefit sharing

Developing corporate guidance for benefit sharing

Natural Strategies works with a private sector client to create benefit sharing guidance to be used by nature-based corporate actors that channel investment towards ecosystems and communities.


Guiding corporate climate action

Guiding corporate climate action

Natural Strategies supports leading media & events company to identify emission sources, set climate targets and become more climate-friendly.


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